Do you aircon suddenly stop working or do you notice a sudden drop in your air conditioner’s performance?

Do you aircon suddenly stop working or do you notice a sudden drop in your air conditioner’s performance?

Most vehicle’s AC systems suddenly stop working due to a problem in their refrigerant or freon charge. Your vehicle’s A/C system might leak, or the gas might have leaked out entirely. Autobacs Singapore’s team of certified mechanics help you address any of your car’s issues and proactively fix it before any more damage acts up.

Profesional-Grade A/C Diagnosis and Repair

Another possibility could be electrical malfunction from your fuse, wiring or control component. Our ASE certified professionals will need to determine if your AC system fully charged with Freon before diagnosing on the exact electrical problem.

Electrical diagnosis can take a while as it needs a thorough assessment. Autobacs Singapore’s team of ASE certified mechanics understand each case of A/C failures and know industry-grade ways of fixing them. Our well-trained specialists handle all the problems to ensure that your vehicle works in its full capacity.

In most cases, it’s not uncommon to find an electrical problem with an A/C recharge problem. These can trigger double damages as well. This happens if your system is not professionally checked and maintained. Leave it all to us, as we fix these issues to lessen the chances of it happening again.

So, what does our team do on professional aircon recycle?

  • Vacuum out old aircon gas then input new aircon gas at the same time
  • Drain out all the air compressor oil
  • For maintenance of aircon, it is recommended to perform this service every 60k to 120k mileage
  • One-hour downtime is expected just for only flushing of the system
  • If parts need to be replaced, one-day downtime or more is expected, subject to make and model of the car
  • Attention to detail is not about perfection. It’s about excellence, about constant improvement. Our technicians receive regular training quarterly from Autobacs Japan to ensure our technicians can carry out all services with the highest quality.

Autobacs Singapore

Aircon Recycle Services Include:


Checking of the cooling coil


Aircon belt checking


Aircon filter checking


Compressor pressure check


Aircon gas recycle


Check with Autobacs automotive professionals.

Did you know that

The weird smell from the air conditioning unit is a sign that you need to have a replacement? Bad odour from the aircon may be from deep-seated bacteria lingering in your vents.

Why get Aircon Replacement from Autobacs Singapore?


Save up more time from

Electrical diagnosis and repair compared to other auto service centres

Get industry-grade expertise for

Repairing and replacing your AC system

Save up to 70% on

Costly post-service check-ups and get professional advice regarding probable vehicle issues

A/C Refrigerant Recharge and Replenishment

Your car might be on low freon and might malfunction anytime soon. To avoid this inconvenience, take your vehicle to Autobacs Singapore, and we’ll have it checked right away! Our professionals apply ultraviolet dye to your new refrigerant to get the system activated, spotting out leakages. With the help of black light or a refrigerant gas detector, we can spot the littlest of leakages and put the appropriate remedy before the condition worsens. Get your Aircon Recycle done safely with the highest quality in any of our Autobacs Singapore outlets, Autobacs professionals.

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