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Car alarm in its purest form it is bascially sensors connected to some siren. The very most straightforward alarm would have a switch on the driver’s door, and it would be wired so that if someone opened the door, the siren would start wailing. You could implement this car alarm with a switch, a couple of pieces of wire and a siren.

Most modern car alarm systems are much more sophisticated than this.


They consist of:

  • An array of sensors that can include switches, pressure sensors and motion detectors
  • A siren, often able to create a variety of sounds so that you can pick a distinct sound for your car
  • A radio receiver to allow wireless control from a key fob
  • An auxiliary battery so that the alarm can operate even if the main battery gets disconnected
  • A computer control unit that monitors everything and sounds the alarm — the “brain” of the system


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