Avoid deterioration and preserve your machine’s peak capacity.
Autobacs Singapore’s team of professional automotive mechanics and engineers conduct above-industry checks to reduce further damage to your vehicle. From checking your brake fluid, coolant, battery water, power steering fluid, to the littlest details of your machine- we keep it in optimal health and functionality. Autobacs Singapore has all the necessary replacement parts to keep your ride in its best shape.


How do we do it here in Autobacs Singapore?

● Our professionals examine your car from the ground up to see if it needs additional vehicle maintenance services
● We look for other issues that might affect your car’s performance
● Attention to detail is not about perfection. It’s about excellence, about constant improvement. Our technicians receive regular training quarterly from Autobacs Japan to ensure our technicians can carry out all services with the highest quality.


Did you know that:

● 53% of avoidable accidents happened because of negligence in replacing the power steering fluid? We help you drive safely with our professional services.

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