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Keep your transmission in good working orders and avoid the likelihood of costly repairs. We remove the old transmission fluid and replenish it with a new one — the exchange process in different whether your vehicle is an automatic or manual transmission.

In Manual Transmission vehicles, the fluid is primarily used to avoid overheating and the premature damage, wear and tearing of the gears. The transmission fluid is also the primary lubricant for the gears and lets your vehicle operate in cold temperatures.

Our professionals from Autobacs services keep an eye out for contaminated transmission fluids from shards of metal and other harmful particles.

While automatic transmission systems generate a tremendous amount of friction and heat with regular use, the fluid in these vehicles will eventually break down and dissipate. Transmission fluids for automatic vehicles prevent internal gears from creating harmful friction, and powers up the entire transmission mechanism.

The best coolant flushing system services in Singapore is waiting for you.


How do we do it here in Autobacs Singapore?
● Expected downtime to be 30 mins to 1 hour *depending on car make and model
● This process includes flushing the radiator reservoir and the entire cooling system of the engine.
● It is using a 2-way flushing process by removing old coolant and replacing it with new coolant.
● Attention to detail is not about perfection. It’s about excellence, about constant improvement. Our technicians receive regular training quarterly from Autobacs Japan to ensure our technicians can carry out all services with the highest quality.

Our Coolant Flushing services come as a standalone package.


Did you know that
● When your engine gauge shows overheating, the gauge needle exceeds the centre line.
● Our professionals recommend performing this process at 25k mileage.
● Coolant turns brownish; the debris will come from the engine itself.
● If overheating of the engine is suspected, do not drive the car as it could cause further engine damage. Tow to the nearest Autobacs service centre immediately.
● By having regular coolant flushing done, it reduces wear and tear of water pump and engine management system.

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