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Many oil-change chains offer extra services these days, from transmission fluid changes to air conditioning maintenance. One of the services an oil change technician might suggest next time you’re in is an engine flush, which is precisely what it sounds like — it flushes the gunk out of your engine. An engine flush can clear out those deposits to open narrow oil passages clogged by the gunk that’s been floating around in the oil. Releasing those deposits and allowing the oil to flow freely, saves wear and tear on the engine and keeps parts moving as they should.

Chemicals poured into the engine, which is then gently idled for a few minutes to make sure the cleaning agent reaches everyplace oil would generally go. Then the chemicals are drained, just like the oil would be for an oil change. An engine flush performed after the old oil is taken out, and before the new, clean oil is poured in.


Benefits of Engine Flush at Autobacs:
● Remove Deposit Build-Up
● Give Your Car a Clean Slate
● Keep the new oil clean
● Clean Up What the Filter Misses
● Clean Engine Parts

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