What exactly is Exhaust system Valve?

An exhaust system is usually a piping channel through which reaction exhaust gases are
thrown away from the controlled combustion engine or some kind of stoves. These are
important for the engine’s performance. If these gases or chemicals are not evacuated within
proper time or without a proper mechanism, these may leave your engine less performing, less
efficient, may reduce fuel economy and in return may lose engine power in case of turbocharged

Mostly, in case of diesel engines, engines are equipped with systems that minimize air pollution
and emission through the proper and legitimate mechanism. This includes turbocharged systems
having an exhaust gas recirculation system, in which system works on bringing back the
exhaust gases mixed with fuel to the combustion chamber to burn thoroughly. This way,
fuel consumption is raised, and more power generated. This flow and recirculation is controlled
and managed by a system valve called Exhaust System Valve. This valve is utilized to control
the pressure of the exhaust system and could also use to avoid creating a vacuum.

What would happen next if this isn’t working correctly?

If the exhaust system valve isn’t working correctly, it may cause some damages to the system.

May reduce pressure to bring back exhaust gases in the case of turbocharged engines
Lower fuel efficiency and increases fuel consumption
Less mileage on our ride
Exhausts black smoke and dirt from the exhaust outlet
May cause less power generation and decreased pull of the engine, as well as engine oil leak in
severe cases.

When to change this system valve?

When do we need an exhaust system valve replacement or how we may know about the valve
system replacement time has come. Don’t worry. At Autobacs Singapore, we have the solution
for you.
If your engine’s compression ratio dropped below 175 psi, then there may be the signs of an
exhaust system valve replacement, or the time may have come to replace the exhaust system

Why getting it done through Autobacs Singapore?

At Autobacs Singapore, we end up on providing reliable and up to date services to our
customers, with our full potential and devotion. Our mechanics first determine the condition of
the exhaust system valve and let you know about the replacement if needed. Then it's up to you
to get it done or not. But with our services, you may find:

Reliable services and professional behaviour
Up to date replacement techniques that might preserve your vehicle's condition at large
Problem-solving mechanism and proactive approach to solving your vehicle's problem through
the services of the most knowledgeable team
Our experienced technicians educate the customer with the process of replacement and answer
the queries of the customer with their up to date knowledge gained through proper training

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