Your engine oil can become saturated and be polluted with contaminants. The muck can affect your engine, decreasing its performance. Oversaturated oil will eventually lose its lubrication, causing your engine to be overworked. Excessive heat can be creating a substantial thermal breakdown to your engine oil. Once your oil becomes heavily polluted, it restricts the oil flow, forcing your engine to work harder.

Autobacs Singapore professionals ensure that your oil needs are well taken care of. Our service staff will assess your oil filter during oil changes and replace the filter to keep your oil purified. Routine lube changes are also prescribed to keep your engine running smoothly for a long time.


How does Autobacs Professional conduct engine oil change?

● The car will be hoist
● Old engine oil will be drained
● The old oil filter will be removed
● New engine oil will be filled


What does our engine oil change service include?

There are a wide range of engine oil to choose from at Autobacs.
Our service crew may recommend certain types, but customers are always free to choose their preferred oil.


Did you know that:

1. Engine oil affects not just the engine; it also affects the entire performance of your car, including petrol consumption.
2. If old engine oil is used for a prolonged period, it requires the vehicle to use more energy for the same amount of performance needed.
3. Even though your car may be parked and not used most of the time, the oil inside will harden too.
4. Recommended changing the engine oil at 8k mileage or 4 months, whichever is earlier, to prevent the oil from turning into sludge.
5. Pull the engine oil dipstick from the engine block; the healthy engine oil will be golden brown in colour. If it is black or dark brown, it represents that it is time to get the engine oil change.


Why get your engine and gear oil changed by Autobacs Singapore?

● All-inclusive oil filter change and assessment
● Professional advice backed by years of experience
● Above-industry method to preserve your engine health through thorough oil and gear change
● Attention to detail is not about perfection. It’s about excellence, about constant improvement. Our technicians receive regular training quarterly from Autobacs Japan to ensure our technicians can carry out all services with the highest quality.

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