What exactly is engine Overhauling or Rebuilding?

Engine overhauling is a concept of tuning up an engine by disassembling it, testing its
components and replacing the defected ones. The purpose behind all this process is to revive the
performance of the engine and prolong its life. The question here, under consideration, is how we
may know about the engine overhauling or rebuilding? There are a few signs or indications of
the engine’s performance loss and rebuilding or overhauling needed.

Signs or indications.

Your car’s engine begins to
Sound funny when it idles, or maybe during acceleration, or even when it turned off.
Wear and tear of the engine is disrupting you with harsh noise
Black smoke or exhaust gases
Car runs hot after covering even a shorter distance.

These are some of the signs that exhibits the engine is in a dire need of an overhaul or rebuilding.
You need not worry about these problems, we, at Autobacs Singapore, have the solutions to these
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Process of Overhauling or rebuilding the engine

The process of overhauling or rebuilding the engine done in two ways. In-chassis rebuilding
and Out-chassis rebuilding.

In-chassis rebuilding involves reviving your engine without removing it from the car and
termed as the most natural way of rebuilding your engine. An In-chassis rebuilt may generally
consist of replacing cylinder liners, piston rings, crankshaft bearings, valve stem seals, oil
pump, and head gasket. Repairing or replacing these components of the engine might help in
reviving the engine’s performance to a great extent.

The second method of rebuilding or overhauling is Out-Chassis rebuilding. This process
involves detaching the engine from the car, unbolting totally and thoroughly cleaning and
inspecting. This overhauling technique involves replacing all the major components of the
engine with new factory-made components. Other parts such as block casting, head casting,
crankshaft, conrods, flywheels, and camshafts can also repair if they aren’t totally vanished
or broken instead.

But before all of this is done, get a thorough check by the Autobacs Mechanic, as this might help
you in reaching a decision of overhauling or rebuilding of your vehicle’s engine.

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