Are your brakes making the screeching noise?

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Are your brakes making the screeching noise? Do you find yourself feeling like your brakes are tugging and pulsating? Well, it’s time to have your brakes checked. Autobacs Singapore automotive professionals. If your car is starting to have a mushy pedal with ABS light on, or you find yourself having a hard time to put your vehicle to a stop, having your brake fluid checked to avoid further damage and accidents can help. Three categories of components need checking for normal wear and tear problems; hydraulics, friction material and computer-generated electronics designed for your Anti Lock Brakes (ABS). Brake lines made from steel which can accumulate rust over time. The high hydraulic brake fluid keeps the brake lines in ease. Autobacs Singapore’s team of automotive professionals replace your brake fluid and check your machine for any impending issues.

So, what does our team do on professional brake fluid replacement?

  • By using a Brake fluid machine, it connects to the brake master pump
  • We flush the brake line first then new brake fluids are a pump in at the same time.

Why get brake fluid replacement from Autobacs Singapore?

  • All-transparent services
  • Above-industry brake fluid changing techniques that help preserve your engine’s lifespan
  • Proactively solve impending car issues with the help of the most knowledgeable automotive repairs team
  • Attention to detail is not about perfection. It’s about excellence, about constant improvement. Our technicians receive regular training quarterly from Autobacs Japan to ensure our technicians can carry out all services with the highest quality.

Autobacs Singapore

Brake Fluid Replacement Services Include:


Brake disc


Brake pad


Brake Hose


Brake nozzles

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