Autobacs Singapore’s automotive professionals offer above-industry services to assess your tire pressure and correct it.

We also help you in tire tread depth, tread wear and tire balance, as well as checking for any punctures that could cause your tire to flatten. Our proactive team guarantees quick fixes right at first time. Our extensive collection of tires including performance tires, run-flat tires, summer tires, light truck tires, commercial use tires and crossover utility vehicle tires gives you peace of mind to find the perfect fit for your vehicle.

How do Autobacs professionals bring you wheel alignment services?

Our service crew will recommend it and when undercarriage parts are changed or when tyres are changed.

Our packages come independently or with other services.

Did you know that:

  • When driving, if the driver realised that on a flat road, the steering is not aligned in the centre- It signifies that tyres are not in a straight direction.
  • Misaligned tyres will cause the wear of the tyres to be higher than the others, and damage can be created in this manner.
  • Without proper alignment, it might also cause bloat and crack onto the tyres, and fuel efficiency might be affected too.

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