Maintaining and repairing your hybrid car shouldn’t be a hassle! Here at AUTOBACS, our professionally trained mechanics have gone through stringent hybrid-specific training and are fully capable of giving your hybrid car the best servicing you require. We offer a thorough inspection and diagnosis when you bring your car to us.

A hybrid car is one that combines both the electric motor with a gasoline engine, which helps to consume less fuel and emit less CO2 as compared to its more common petrol or diesel-fueled counterparts. As hybrid cars are still quite new to the market, not many workshops are equipped to maintain and service them.

Whether it’s a hybrid battery maintenance, hybrid aircon, or general hybrid car servicing, it’s our mission to help extend the lifespan of your car the right way in the most affordable ways possible. Our services range from hybrid battery diagnosis, maintenance, recharge, repair, replacement, and servicing.

Common Tips

Common tips

Do you know how to increase the lifespan of your hybrid battery?

  • Conducting hybrid battery diagnostic check
  • Cleaning of hybrid fan
  • Regular maintenance


  • Removal and cleaning of hybrid fan motor
  • Recycle charge back of hybrid battery
  • Replacement of hybrid filter
  • Removal and cleaning of hybrid battery connector

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