Eliminate harmful emissions and reduce engine failures with throttle body cleaning.

Autobacs specialists restore your engine’s lost performance and solve deficiencies, bringing back the speed and agility of your machine.

Modern electronic fuel-injection systems are one of the best and most trouble-free systems in your car. However, if your vehicle has accumulated more than 60,000 miles, there is a much-needed and much-favoured fuel-injection-system maintenance that should be considered. The two most common car maintenance jobs are fuel-injector cleaning and throttle-body cleaning. Cleaning fuel injectors are generally not a do-it-yourself project, but with some efforts, if you know a little, you can clean the throttle body on your vehicle with standard tools and specialized spray cleaners. But still, the best way is to get it done through a proper, trained garage staff or specialized mechanic service like Autobacs Singapore.

Signs or indications pointing out towards throttle body clean-up

Let’s discuss some of these issues or indications.
Your car’s engine might give high revolutions, but the engine's movement might not correspond to the engine’s revolutions.
A rough idle, stumbling initial acceleration or even stalling, all or one of these when the engine is fully warmed up
Dirty throttle body or dirty throttle body could be the culprit
Dirt, gum, and varnish that has accumulated there over time. Or there might be some carbon accumulated in the form of dirt to or stuck to the throttle body flap.
Jerky movement of the car or even noisy situations or black smoke or dust coming out of the exhaust outlet.
These all are the signs of the throttle body clean-up need. Don’t decide on your own or don’t conclude on your own if you have less
knowledge about the wear and tear of the engine. Consult professional services like Autobacs Singapore, and we will let you know about the faulty instrument or throttle body clean-up if needed, by proper inspection and performance checking.

Process of Clean-up

At Autobacs Singapore,
We use a chemical degreaser to clean-up the throttle body carbon that is accumulated with time. This carbon or plaque is accumulated with time or by using a low-quality fuel or even some droppings of the engine fuel or even through dusty air coming in to mix up with the fuel to burn. These are all the reasons that play their part in making up the carbon accumulation.
It is easily solvable through a professional service like Autobacs Singapore. Our technicians use a chemical degreaser and paper towels to clean the carbon accumulated by spraying the degreaser and then cleaning it with a paper towel that will help in a clean and renewed throttle

Whenever is it needed?

If your car has just hit 60k miles or crossed 60k miles in a while and you haven’t got it checked by a mechanic, it is vital now to consult a professional service like Autobacs Singapore to get it done and get your car’s performance raised fuel consumption minimized.

We will get back to you soon!


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