BLAUPUNKT BP8.0 Full HD Front & RearDVR (FOC 16GB SD card)

- Plug and Play – Easy to Set Up
- 2.0” Colour Display
- 120° degree ultra wide viewing angle
- Full HD 1080 P
- Loop Recording
- G-sensor
- Built-In Microphone & Speaker
- Motion Detection
- External Memory: Micro SDHC Card up to 32 GB (not included)
- Dimensions (LxWxH): 63x30x58 mm
- Accessories: Car Charger, USB Cable, Bracket, Manual

6 Months Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty


Why Do You Need A Car Digital Video Recorder?

Most people buy car digital video recorders (also known as dash cams, or car cameras, or just DVR) for security reasons, but it also offers more than that. With a dash cam, you can also:

– Prove your case in the unfortunate event of an accident

– Report bad drivers / road rage

– Protection for your parked vehicle

– Protection from insurance fraud

– Record your route and driving speed

– Monitor your employees and vehicle fleet

– Record holiday and weekend trips

– Capture scenic routes

– Share fun or unlikely events with your family and friends

– Blast up rare and interesting one-of-a-kind footage on YouTube or other social media.



For all those reasons stated above, BLAUPUNKT fulfills every one of it with this brand new BP 8.0 FHD Digital Video Recorder, offering you the most intelligent recording in times of emergency and continuous recording function. This little supervisor records everything happening in front of it with its wide 170-degree 4MP front angle lens and presents it in full HD!! With BP 8.0, BLAUPUNKT gives you the 2-channel edge as it also records everything from the rear with its wide angle 120-degree 2MP rear angle lens. It’s best to say that BLAUPUNKT offers top quality video that can keep track of all the details. Also comes with a built-in microphone and speaker, it acts just like a CCTV, or even better. Impressively, it also comes with SOS mode for you to save paramount files manually by just pressing on MODE button for a few seconds.

BLAUPUNKT BP 8.0 also features loop recording and stores footage in a micro SD/ SDHC card (SDHC card not included) thus ensuring that it does not stop recording even if it has run out of space. Loop recording allows the camera to automatically overwrite the oldest files on the memory card, enabling it to record indefinitely. You also have the option to mark parts of the footage you would like to keep with its G-sensor feature. When the G-sensor notices an impact, it will automatically mark the current footage for safekeeping. The date and time stamp also comes in handy in case you need to use your video footage as evidence. With all these features, worry no more about hit-and-run phantoms or accident records because BLAUPUNKT has it all covered. Also offering playback mode, you can easily view back previous recordings and snapshots taken and remove the unnecessary ones to free up your storage space.

What’s most important for a dash cam is its discreetness, and BLAUPUNKT’s BP 8.0 has just it. Coming in a small and compact design, it fits perfectly on your dashboard. The all-black colour ensures the least attention to be drawn to it, so it can safely keep an eye around your car without being noticed. Not only for recording HD videos, this device can also be set to take snapshots which will come in handy in case of hit-and-run or encountering car theft situations.

Mere words are not enough to describe BLAUPUNKT BP 8.0 FHD. The possibility is endless with BLAUPUNKT’s In-Car Digital Video Recorder, so what are you waiting for? Get your very own dash cam now and never miss any view, ever again! Brand new in a box and yet still comes with one year warranty. Buy with confidence!!



– LCD size: 2.7″ TFT LCD display

– Megapixel: Front 4M, Rear 2M

– Viewing Angle: Front 170°, Rear 120°

– Video Resolution: Front – 30fps 2560×1440, Rear – 30fps 1920×1080

– Video Format: MOV/H.264

– Image Format: JPG

– Memory Card: MicroSD

– Memory Card Capacity: Max. 128gb, class 10 and above

– Frequency: 50Hz/60H

– Power Port: USB 2.0

– Battery Capacity: 400mAh/ 3.7 Li-ion

– Microphone/ Speaker: Built-in

– Loop Recording: Off/ 1min/ 3min/ 5min

– LCD Off: Support

– Parking Monitoring: Support

– Driver Fatigue Alarm: Support

– G-sensor & SOS: Support

– Motion Detect: Support

– Driver ID Setting: Support

– Language: English, Chinese


What’s in the box?

– 1 x Front Digital Video Recorder

– 1 x Rear Digital Video Recorder

– 1 x USB Cable

– 1 x Bracket

– 1 x Rear Cam Connecting Cable

– 1 x Car Charger

– 1 x Manual