LG Innotek LGD521 FRONT & REAR CAR CAMERA (with 32GB SD card)

- 2 Channel Full HD
- Wi-Fi Connectivity
- Front/Rear Camera Resolution: 1080p/720p
- Front/Rear Camera: 2.0 Mp/1.0 Mp
- Front/Rear Angle of View: 130°/120°
- Input Voltage: 12V/24V
- Built-in WLAN
- Android, iOS Apps Available
- Built-in Microphone
- Parking/Event Recording
- Format Free Function
- Operating Temperature: -20° C to +70° C
- Automatic Power Shut Down at High Temperature
- PC Viewer
- External GPS Option

1 Year Local (Singapore) manufacturer warranty


1. LG Innotek LGD521 Front and Rear Dashcam with Wi-Fi

Designed to provide reliable security for your vehicle, the LG Innotek LGD521 Dashcam automatically records and saves front and rear video footage while you’re driving or in parking mode. The dashcam allows you to record critical events such as a road accident, and monitors evidence of break-ins or vandalism when you are away from your vehicle. The cylinder-style vehicle camera has a Full HD 1080p, 130-degree front camera and an HD 720p, 120-degree rear camera wide-angle lens for comprehensive video recording. Easily download LG’s Android or iPhone app to view and share recordings from your smartphone over Wi-Fi. The car camera features a built-in voltage cut-off function that prevents car battery discharge.


2. Protection in Driving or Parking Mode with Versatile Recording Options


3. Driving Modes

Offering a wide range of recording options, the LG Innotek LGD521 Dashcam delivers complete front and rear video footage of your vehicle. The vehicle camera is designed to constantly capture and store video while you drive so that you have evidence of road incidents and car accidents.


4. Parking Modes

With the included hardwire kit the LGD521 will also save video footage in a variety of parking modes, so you have visibility to break-ins and vandalism when you’re away from your vehicle. In parking mode, you can select motion, which records when motion is detected while the car is parked or in event mode, which records when impact is detected. The dashcam also lets you control the impact sensor’s sensitivity level from lower to higher. With its versatile range of recording modes and easy-to-use settings menu, this car camera delivers accurate and detailed video footage for protection and peace of mind.


5. Capture Critical Events with Accurate, Quality Video Recording

a. Wide Angle Lens: The LG dashcam features a high-resolution, Full HD 1080p front camera with a 130° wide-angle lens and a 720p rear camera with 120° wide-angle lens, enabling a wide field of vision during video recording so you can clearly capture critical events such as accidents and break-ins.

b. View and Share Recordings over Wi-Fi: Download the LG Android or iOS app to your smartphone and easily view and share live and playback recordings over Wi-Fi. This backup camera comes with a micro SD card for storing footage that can be expanded up to 128GB for maximum storage space.

c. Supports Format Free Function: Designed for easy use, the vehicle camera features format free technology that eliminates the need to frequently and manually format the memory card.