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Tyre Rotation & Balancing Service

Tyre treads provide your tires the ability to grip the road safely thus enhancing proper traction. The tyre tread begins to wear and tear the more you drive your car. It’s essential that you get tyre maintenance so you can drive safely.

If you do not rotate and balance your car’s tyres on a regular basis, your tyres will eventually wear prematurely and unevenly. Front tyres are typically subjected to the most strain & are primarily responsible for steering and turning.

Why Is It Important To Rotate & Balance Tyres

Tyres are one of the vehicle’s most important safety features. Hence, tyre rotation is one of the most crucial things you can do for your vehicle to lengthen it’s lifetime.

Road Accident Statistics In Singapore 2022

Singapore has always been hailed as a safe state on the international stage. However, despite being a small-sized country, Singapore ranked second in comparison to four major countries in terms of road fatalities.

Although Singapore’s road fatality rate is low at 1.49 per 100,000 citizens, road fatalities per vehicle are still relatively high. Based on this data, Singapore performs poorly when compared with countries such as Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. Although Singapore has fewer road accidents than its peers, the accidents are more severe.


Although there are many factors contributing to road accidents, a small change in keeping your tyres in tip top condition may help to prevent your car from skidding.

Experience Optimum Performance On The Road

  • Since every vehicle is different, it’s best to consult your owner’s manual to determine how frequently you should rotate your tyres.
  • In general, it is best to rotate tyres every six months or 10,000km.
  • After rotation, ensure your tyres are properly fitted and balanced. This is critical to obtaining the best wear patterns from your tread.
  • You may end up with the wrong weights on the wrong tyres if you do not follow the proper fitting and balancing requirements after your rotation.
  • With Autobacs, you can be confident that our team offers a proper tyre rotation to ensure your wheels get extensive life.


Today I thought I got a flat tyre and called in for a quick inspection. The tyre mechanics were respectful and provided me all the information about the current state of my tyre and that it wasn’t punctured. Thank you Autobacs for the transparent way with which you inspect my car. Will be back again

Edmund Teo

One-stop for car care, car maintenance and car repair center. Purchased 4x tyres in May, one tyre was damaged beyond repair 4 months later. Car was towed to Autobac without charge and one tyre replaced. Excellent service

Swee Siong Goh

Visited Autobacs on 30 April. Manage to get the ATF oil and oil additive I needed and the sales assistance was able to explain the product. Overall good experience to shop with wider range of car products

Chipsel Go

Went to Autobacs Ubi to check on my car tyres since whenever I’m making turns, there were weird sounds coming out. The one in-charge, Jimmy, proceeded to change the brand new tyres for me since the existing ones have defect and still under warranty. This is the type of service that I think all of the drivers are looking for. Thank you Jimmy and Autobacs, keep up the good work!

Linson Lim

Bought 4 new tires in January 2021 and entitled to wheel balancing every 6 months. No questions asked for service provided. Better go early to avoid long queue.

Lionel Liew

June at Ubi Autobacs knows her products well and is able to recommend products that are suitable for your car! Saves your money and time. Very happy with her recommendarions. Keep up the excellent job June. Thumbs up!

Shook Yee

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