For car owners, wheels and tires are essential components that help you get from place to place.

Flat tires can disrupt plans, while bad tires or damaged wheels can impact how your vehicle handles. While the average person may not think about their car’s wheels and tires unless something goes wrong, they can be a fascinating topic of discussion, especially for car enthusiasts.

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Do you know?

  • Run-flat tires can temporarily drive without air, as the thicker sidewall supports the vehicle’s weight for up to 100 miles. Despite the performance disadvantages, BMW fits the most run-flats to their vehicles.
  • Lego is the largest manufacturer of tires. The toy company produces 306 million of the little tires every year.
  • The 21st Century, researchers were looking for more ways to increase durability. Carbon black, a waste product of the petroleum industry, added longevity to the tire but changed the colour to black.

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